Trailer Park Podcast #103

Join the gang as we look forward to September because August is a dumpster fire of half measures and worry. The Predator is our headliner for episode 103 and please be advised that we're talking about the movie and not the Intern. White Boy Rick is in the teeter and might be a contender for an academy award but it's also a biopic about a 15 year old white kid who rats on people that makes you want to roller skate. The fulcrum is a home invasion flick called He's Out There and it looks like he might get in there as they try to get out of there. A Simple Favor is in the totter and the trailer is full of complicated mystery and perplexing drama. The Happytime Murders is the only August release to make the lineup and it sneaks into the five hole with muppets breaking bad all over the place.