Trailer Park Podcast #102

The gang is feeling fresh as we enter into the second episode of our second season on Trailer Park Podcast with 102. Your mission, cool billion, should you choose to accept it - is to block out the hoity-toity cry baby Intern and engage what could be one of the most exciting action movies to hit the theatres in a long time. Mission Impossible Fallout appears to have it all - practical special effect stunts, Tom Cruise running full tilt at 56 years old and Henry Cavill who's mere presence has a strange effect on women and bears a striking resemblance to Nathan. The teeter stars John Cho as a father who is searching for his daughter by staying at home on his computer. For the fulcrum we get into the internet created phenomenon known as the Slender Man and we all agree that the potential is there to shock and amaze but as with most horror movies, we hesitate and wait for execution. In the totter we take a look at one of the new Netflix movies coming out called Extinction starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan. There is a lot to like about the trailer for this alien invasion movie but there is also a lack of faith in Netflix and their ability to properly develop these large budget effect movies into something that will have a lasting impact. Will the infant child that has been playing in a sandbox of money eventually fall under some form of adult supervision? And finally, in the five-hole we take a look at the Jason Statham Megalodon movie - The Meg. Once thought to be a serious candidate to bomb at the box office in epic fashion, the trailer for this humongous shark movie makes it look like a lot of fun. We also try to rename the Intern in episode 102 and don't forget to stick around for the Roundtable.