Trailer Park Podcast #101

Join Nathan, Daniel, Amanda and the Intern as we turn the page into triple digits. Yes, the search for the greatest movie trailer continues with episode 101. Will this lineup hold the answer? Will we finally find what we have been searching for? Dwayne Johnson leads the way with our headliner Skyscraper and it looks like his character in this movie also has a giant chest tattoo. Eight Grade is in the teeter and it is from A24 so get ready for some moping and whining from the twice bitten. The fulcrum for 101 has been a long time coming and it looks absolutely nuts as Nicolas Cage battles crazy evil in a genre bending gore fest. The totter brings us another festival darling in Sorry to Bother You and could be a fun movie about racism? is that a thing? Finally, in the five hole is Ant-Man and the Wasp and it may take all of us to talk the Intern into an excited and show him that there is joy on the other side of all of his anger and sadness. Stick around for the roundtable as we give you the verdict on Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2.