Trailer Park Podcast #118

We've got something for everyone in episode 118! Lonely people slowly going insane, adulterous astronauts that can't stay grounded, maritime machismo, hallucinations of Hitler and just when you thought it had already peaked... more zombies.

Trailer Park Podcast #117

We travel to the stars with difficulty for episode 117! Brad Pitt blasts off to the final frontier where only his father has gone before. David Oyelowo won't let go and has an incredible cell phone plan. Pennywise chases some more losers in the fulcrum. Dick Long dies and has some really shitty friends. The five hole spreads happiness and joy with a weight loss marathon. If the fuddy duddy's are excited about them all does it mean that this is the greatest lineup we've ever had?

Trailer Park Podcast #116

You don't turn your back on family. You also don't turn your back on the 116th consecutive greatest lineup we've ever had. In the headliner, Hobbs and Shaw turn their backs on the Fast & Furious family with outrageous confidence. Samara Weaving holds down the teeter whether you are ready or not. Crawl drags itself on all fours into the fulcrum. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood there was a pretentious director who announced how many movies he's made every time he makes a movie. In the five hole everyone wants to kill nostalgia and fuddy duddy all over Simba's journey; well hakuna matata my friends because the King may be dead but long live the King.

Trailer Park Podcast #115

The final movie of phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe headlines episode 115 and it doesn't even matter what it's called, the only thing that matters is that Jake Gyllenhaal is in it. In the Teeter something wicker this way comes with Scandinavians and do it yourself mutilation. The fulcrum seeks to reboot and rebuke with what appears to be an unnecessary fresh start for Chucky. The Art of Self-Defense kicks and chops its way into the totter with a black comedy belt of laughs? Dark Phoenix finishes us off in the five hole and we can only hope that they wait before Disney rebooquels this fucking franchise.

Trailer Park Podcast #114

It's a whole new world as our headliner takes on us a live action magic carpet ride into the juggernaut that is the episode 114 lineup. Get your pokeballs ready for the teeter as Pikachu electrifies the big screen. The fulcrum brings us what would have happened to Kansas if Superman had been raised poorly. Teenage lesbian angst and confusion scissors the totter in superbad fashion. John Wick completes his trilogy in the five hole and brings more guns, more dog and more titles with more punctuation. Join us as we wage war to make peace with Trailer Park Podcast: Episode 114 - Nesting and Nurturing the Endgame of our Infinity.

Trailer Park Podcast #113

It's raining cats and dogs and elephants take flight as Dumbo headlines episode 113. The teeter is brought to us by French director Claire Denis who's coming in hot with a sexy space thriller filled with fluids and masturbation. The Wendigo waits in the woods to possess our dead pets and children in the Pet Sematary remake. Harmony Korine slides into the totter with The Beach Bum as Matthew McConaughey explores the fear that's loathing his lebowski. Finally, in the five hole we have what looks like a really fun super hero movie from DC with Shazam! As you know when it looks fun and easy to watch it's customary for the fuddy duddy's of the podcast to hold hands. Don't forget that you can stick around for some banter with the round-table.

Trailer Park Podcast #112

Trailer Park Podcast episode 112 has arrived and you guessed it, it's the best one yet! Captain Marvel leads the charge as our first significant MCU movie headliner of 2019. The Teeter brings us the latest entry from the director of Bone Tomahawk and it stars Mel Gibson as a bitter angry old man which is basically like Bryce Harper playing tee ball. The funniest part of that last sentence is that I'm the only one that was on the podcast that even knows who Bryce Harper is. The fulcrum is Jordan Peele's attempt at going for 2 for 2. After the tremendous success and basic bad ass quality of Get Out, he brings us ... Us. The Totter is Greta and you can basically watch the whole movie when you see the trailer so the question really becomes how much Greta you want in your life. The Five-Hole is an action movie with an impressive ensemble cast but it's been in development hell for a really long time and it's being distributed by Netflix so the red flags are there if you want to wave your white one. Hopefully everyone dies, especially Charlie Hunnam because fuck that guy am I right?. Stick around as a fly on the wall for the roundtable and don't forget that we don't really care if you do or not.

Trailer Park Podcast #111

Join us once again for the annual look back and selection of the Trailer Park Podcast Ultimate Lineup! We also invite Alita to be the headliner for episode eleventy-one and she will not stand by in the presence of evil whether it be shocking, wicked or vile. A milestone has finally arrived as we have our first ever Gyllenfulcrum and it is written and directed by Dan Gilroy who made Nightcrawler - will it be properly appreciated or will they finally realize that when it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal it's best to shut the fuck up and just say you're excited. The totter brings us Braid and it might surprise you as it is also horror but that's what you get in late January and February. Finally, in the five-hole is The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot, yeah... you're just gonna have to click on the poster and watch this one. Stick around for a little Burden List redemption and the roundtable.

Trailer Park Podcast #110

Join us as we give 110% for episode 110! Christian Bale also gives 110% by gaining 45 pounds and excess neck muscle to play Dick Cheney in Vice. Sony gave 110% when they tried to sell Holmes & Watson to Netflix after reportedly disastrous test screenings. Escape Room looks like a 110% version of Saw. Nicole Kidman is definitely giving 110% in her new film Destroyer in which the trailer describes her as a cinematic force. Finally, M. Night Shyamalan returns with Glass and let's be frank - the man is all about giving 110% all the god damn time. Will you give 110% by sticking around for the thick and juicy banter during the roundtable?

Trailer Park Podcast #109

Join us as we explore the deep for episode 109 and evaluate whether Aquaman has any real value as a superhero. The Mule is an offensive description for a 90 year old man and is also in the Teeter. Piercing stars American Jon Snow and is the fulcrum from the director of The Eyes of My Mother. In the Totter is Vox Lux, starring Natalie Portman as a Lady Gaga character who is born to be a star. Spider-Man slings its' way into another five hole with Into the Spider-Verse, it looks like Spidey is gonna need the Gyllenhaal Mysterio bump to obtain that elusive headliner status. We also bring back the Court of Social Justice to talk about elder abuse and identifying as a Mer-Person.

Trailer Park Podcast #108

It's a gentlemen's affair for episode 108 as we talk duels and "mansplain" to each other. In our headliner, the Drago family saga continues as they try to kill another Creed in Rocky 8. Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are in the teeter as they fight over who should be The Favourite. Hannah Grace's corpse possesses us in the fulcrum. Green Book is in the totter and it arrived with some awards chatter before Viggo dropped the N Word. The five hole might as well be called the bulls eye for 108 as Robin Hood closes it out.

Trailer Park Podcast #107

It's an all R-Rated romp for episode 107! Our headliner, Widows, is a heist movie but it's also about husbands and wives, and dead husbands, and possibly some dead widows. The teeter brings us an award winner out of south by southwest called Prospect, it's a Sci-Fi film and it stars Pedro Pascal in a live action Treasure Planet. The fulcrum for 107 is produced by JJ Abrams and it has nothing to do with the Clover-verse, it's called Overlord and it also has nothing to do with Call of Duty or Wolfenstein so just enjoy the AC/DC and rock out to this new World War 2 super soldier zombie Halloween expansion add on! The totter brings us another adventure of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider's Web. Claire Foy looks like a bad-ass female avenger who rights the wrongs of evil white men with white makeup on her face surrounded by snow. The five hole brings us The Front Runner starring Hugh Jackman and every supporting actor and actress you have liked from various TV shows and movies in the past 5 years. It's all about political scandal and the great man that can't keep his dick in his pants.

Trailer Park Podcast #106

Join Daniel, Nathan, Amanda and The Intern for episode 106! It's the annual Halloween horror spook-tacular! We check out the sequel to the original Halloween that ignores the rest of the franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis goes full Sarah Conner in a tale of vengeance against 61 year old Michael Myers who has managed to become faster and stronger than he was 40 years ago. In the Teeter we perform a magic act with Abrakadabra. The film stock is grainy, the zoom is sudden and steady, the makeup is loud and blue and you will have no idea what is going on when you listen to it (you should probably watch this one). Netflix brings us the fulcrum of the fulcrum, an honor only a few movies share. The movie stars Dan Stevens and is written and directed by the man behind the Raid franchise, Gareth Evans. Apostle is about a religious cult and a brother trying to save his sister from a gory and gruesome fate. The remake of Suspiria slots in at the totter position and everything about it looks awesome - all 2 hours and 32 minutes of it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return in Slaughterhouse Rulez which involves a Harry Potter esque private school and a sinkhole that leads to Hell. It's a jam packed lineup of the best the horror genre has to offer in October of 2018. Stick around for the round table where we talk Sisters Brothers, Battle of El Royale, First Man and A Star is Born.