Trailer Park Podcast #104

Episode 104 has arrived and it could be the greatest lineup we've ever had on TPP. Too bad Venom is the headliner spoiling Jake Gyllenhaal's highly anticipated return in The Sisters Brothers. The fulcrum is Hellfest and it has a tough act to follow with the teeter bringing Jake back to the podcast. Hellfest also suffers abuse from the Rooster Teeth fanatics who assume that Blood Fest was an original idea that was somehow stolen by the Hellfest crew. The totter brings us the fourth remake of A Star is Born starring Lady Gaga and things really build emotionally at 1:47 in the trailer and if you're not careful it can manipulate you into being excited about this 2 hour and 15 minute epic directed by Bradley Cooper. The five hole brings us an amped up take on the Salem witch trials called Assassination Nation. Basically they inject it with a social media narrative and sprinkle it with The Purge. Stick around for the Roundtable for some fantastic banter and camaraderie.