Trailer Park Podcast #75

Join Nathan, Daniel, Amanda and The Intern for Trailer Podcast 75! Kong: Skull Island is our headliner and we ask what comes to mind when pondering a 100 foot tall gorilla. If you guessed how big his penis is then you are right on the money and you'll probably be surprised at how small it is. I don't feel at home in this world anymore. How many movie titles can stand alone as their own sentence? the Grand Jury Prize winner from Sundance does it and is also the first movie from Netflix to make a TPP lineup. The fulcrum for this episode is a movie about a girl who transitions into a cannibal. "Raw" apparently had people requiring medical attention at the premiere, hopefully no one ate anyone. The Discovery is another film that premiered at Sundance and is also being distributed by Netflix. The Discovery is about a world where tons people are committing suicide because the afterlife has been proven to exist. The lineup finishes with Logan, the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in one of the more recent and most anticipated comic book story line adaptations to enter the super hero movie craze. Stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.