Trailer Park Podcast #74

Join Daniel, Nathan, Amanda, Ivan and the Intern for Trailer Park Podcast 74! Our headliner for this episode is China starring Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe and the guy who got his face exploded by the Mountain in Game of Thrones. Visionary director Gore Verbinski brings us A Cure for Wellness, the gang is in full agreement that it's been too long since the last Verbinski film and we all can't wait for more Gore. The fulcrum for 74 is an anthology called XX which showcases only female horror directors and has the magic number of four which Tales of the Crypt proved is the proper number for an anthology so there is plenty of hope that at least one of them will be good. Get Out is a thriller horror movie and appears to be a guess who's coming to dinner racial tension movie from the mind of Peele from Key & Peele, God knows we love racial tension on this show so the excitement is palpable. Tulip Fever rounds out the lineup and really strikes a chord with Daniel and transforms him during episode 74 as he dives into this offering written by Tom Stoppard, the famous playwright who brought us Shakespeare in Love. Daniel actually sheds a tear as the music and period costumes fill his heart with hope and wonder (fart noise). We also talk celebrity death and lay down some new rules for the Burden List. The Intern also does something but I forget what it was so you'll just have to listen.