Trailer Park Podcast #72

Merry Christmas from Trailer Park Podcast! In episode 72 Nathan and Daniel are joined by Chelsea, Amanda and The Intern as they deliberate over the Ultimate Trailer Park Podcast lineup for 2016! Our headliner is the new J-Law and Pratt film called Passengers, a science fiction movie about waking up from cryo sleep in space too soon and how sexy and stylish that can be. Fences stars future Academy Award winner Viola Davis and possibly about to be 3 time Oscar winner Denzel Washington. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is our fulcrum and comes to us from the director of Troll Hunter and he's also Norwegian, let me say that again. Norwegian. Troll. Hunter. 20th Century Women is manipulating us with Annette Benning and Billy Crudup's charm along with A24's logo which immediately changes our expectations, this could be an aimless journal of the human experience and that's just fine if it is. Gold starring Matthew McConaughey looks to be pulling the loser thinks he's a winner but ends up a loser story which is sort of like The Intern's if you take out the middle part. Stick around for the Burden List and The Intern Archive Update.