Trailer Park Podcast #71

Everyone is on board for Trailer Park Podcast seventy one! We have Daniel, Nathan, Amanda, Chelsea, Ivan and yes even The Intern. We check out Rogue One: A Star Wars story and discuss going rogue and what it takes to be a gentleman maverick. Frank & Lola is our second trailer and it looks like it should have been called Frank & that girl he's obsessed with that does porn on the side and acts super aloof all the time. The fulcrum is Pet starring the 2nd or 3rd ranked hobbit from Lord of the Rings who locks up a girl in a box and she starts turning the tables on him psychologically which Ivan confirms does happen in that scenario? Jackie starring Natalie Portman looks amazing and it is going to fucking execute and Daniel can take his worried and shove it up his ass. Assassin's Creed looks awful enough to three "ass's" in its name... like Assassassin's Creed. Stick around for the roundtable, the Burden List and The Intern Archive Update.