Trailer Park Podcast #59

Join us for Trailer Park Podcast #59! The Legend of Tarzan swings in as our headliner and Nathan, Daniel and The Intern take a deeper look at the very extensive (and very white) history of Tarzan.  Wiener-Dog is the new film from director Todd Solondz and he has a lot of currency with us here at TPP because his previous film "Happiness" is a masterpiece.  The Shallows used to be called In The Deep and they tell you that... on the poster.  The BFG is an acronym for Big Friendly Giant and in hindsight it's fairly easy to figure it out; did we have to explore all of the other possibilities of what it could be an acronym for? No... but we did.  Free State of Jones charges in like a militia recruitment video as our last trailer in this lineup and we discuss how it is being criticized for every man, woman and child in the trailer holding a gun.  Stick around for The Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.