Trailer Park Podcast #58

All hands are on deck as we talk sequels on Trailer Park Podcast episode 58.  Nathan, Daniel, Amanda, Chelsea and yes, even The Intern congregate to discuss whether Dory will find... well... herself? Will Dwayne Johnson be able to provide Kevin Hart with that elusive smash hit he has been so desperately trying to obtain? Will The Neon Demon be Winding Refn's horror masterpiece or just another pretentious failure? Why was Now You See Me 2 not called "Now You Don't" and who should be fired after not even including it after a colon in the title? Finally after 20 years Independence Day gets a sequel and there has never been a sequel to a Roland Emmerich movie before.. will there ever be another one?  All this and don't forget the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update!