Trailer Park Podcast #97 Part II: Slowing Down the Shut Down

Join Nathan as he continues to suffer veiled threats from ungrateful participants to end the podcast in Trailer Park Podcast Episode 97 Part II: Slowing Down the Shutdown. The headliner reflects how Nathan is starting to feel as the Star Wars anthology series brings us Solo. It's important to note that the production of Solo also dealt with creative differences resulting in abandonment and quitters. Schumer is back with I Feel Pretty in the teeter position and we ask if anyone wants to watch fat jokes that carry a message about self esteem for 1 hour and 50 minutes. Ghost Stories haunts the fulcrum for 97 part II and is about a professional debunker getting bunked with dodgy brakes on a fairground ride. Super Troopers 2 arrives 17 years after the original, crowd funding its budget in just 24 hours and it looks like they're coming to Canada to turn us into Americans. Deadpool 2 comes in behind us in the five hole which is fitting because that's where the first Deadpool was slotted. Some may argue that this movie deserved to be a headliner and to that I say please submit your feedback and any complaints you have to our customer service department on Twitter @TheInternTPP.