Trailer Park Podcast #93

Join Nathan, Daniel, Amanda, Chelsea and The Intern for Trailer Park Podcast 93! All aboard the Liam Neeson action film swan song as The Commuter pulls into the station as the first headliner of 2018. In the teeter position we mount the new war film from mighty Bruckheimer titled 12 Strong starring Hemsworth, Shannon and Pena (and their crying wives). The fulcrum of 93 is a remake of the French film "Inside" and brings together two of The Intern's favorite things... pregnant women and home invasion. In the totter position we have a short film so successful that they made a feature version of it, it's called The Strange Ones and looks like it might be a diamond in the rough despite what the misguided roundtable thinks. Finally, in the five hole, we have a film that is trapped in the Weinstein ownership vacuum. A historical pissing contest called The Current War remains static like a flow of electrons waiting for its direction to be reversed. It's a battle royale pitting Edison against Westinghouse and Tesla, Cumberbatch versus Shannon and Hoult (and potentially more crying wives). Stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.