Trailer Park Podcast #87

Join Nathan, Daniel, Chelsea, The Intern and special guest Luigi for Trailer Park Podcast 87! Our headliner Geostorm looks to crown itself as the King of all natural disaster movies. Not only does it appear to pack a satisfying wallop of dazzling futuristic technology, it also doesn't discriminate against any of the many natural disasters the world has to offer. You would think that throwing in the whisper of an evil villain at the controls would table a unanimous excited but we like to keep you guessing here at Trailer Park Podcast. The Death of Stalin delivers a real sexy Buscemi of British  accents and Russian politics. Happy Death Day finally brings together the horror genre with the groundhog day subgenre and anyone who says worried will be magically transported to the day after the edge of tomorrow. All I See is You looks like a lively drama about a blind woman who regains her sight and finds out that she is smoking hot and her husband is not, she also travels in a wig and decides to learn Thai. The Snowman is our final trailer and depicts a sinister serial killer who builds snowmen and might be Scandinavian, the trailer doesn't contain any but we're holding out for some kulning. Bastards, father figures and fast family feuds and don't forget to stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.