Join us for Trailer Park Podcast 80 as we welcome some new blood. Nathan, Daniel, Amanda, The Intern and honored guest Cordell weigh in on the reboot of The Mummy starring everyone's favorite Operating Thetan Tom Cruise and the launch of the Dark Cinematic Universe. The Bad Batch could be an alternate name for the cast of Trailer Park Podcast but it is also a movie about a dystopian cannibal cult and Keanu Reeves appears to be leading it while sporting a mustache and wearing a housecoat. The fulcrum is called Replace as in replacing... your skin; with other people's skin. Rough Night looks like an all female reboot of Very Bad Things and could be a very good thing. Finally, The Beguiled rounds out the lineup and is a second attempt to adapt the novel by Thomas Cullinan about a wounded soldier that is taken in by a group of women and it leads to an "unexpected turn of events" which we interpret as "how much action does he get and how much does it cost him". Stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.