Trailer Park Podcast #68

Join us for the Trailer Park Podcast 68! Our second annual all horror lineup sees Daniel finally take the reigns as the primary host of TPP. Nathan, Amanda, Chelsea and The Intern are lurking in the darkness as well as we check out The Greasy Strangler whose son eerily reminds us of the Intern. The Love Witch has that stylized 70's goodness that we rarely get to embrace anymore. The Eyes of My Mother looks to be a possible genre gem.  Ouija: Origins of Evil has a colon in the title but let's be honest, it's a god damn board game... how excited can you be really? Fear Inc. hints at a tropey horror version of The Game and who wouldn't get excited about that? I'll tell you who... fucking fuddy duddies, that's who.  We also have a little fun making a horror movie about The Intern as the victim of home invasion. Stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update... if you dare (makes childish spooky noise and backs away slowly).