Trailer Park Podcast #65

Join Daniel, Nathan, Amanda and special guest Matthew for Trailer Park Podcast Episode 65! A landmark episode as The Intern after 34 consecutive appearances on TPP decided that he would take the night off.  Rest assured we do not miss the opportunity to discuss his betrayal behind his back in great detail. Our headliner for TPP 65 is The Magnificent Seven and we ask if it's time for the western to return to the main stream, it will need to be magnificent to achieve it.  Miss Peregrine arrives as the plus one to Tim Burton's peculiar masquerade ball with what appears to be x-men children. The Blackcoat's Daughter used to be called February and is directed by Osgood Perkins who starred in Not Another Teen Movie as "Uninterested Guy". Our fourth entry stars Nick Jonas in GOAT and this movie about hazing in fraternities got some mixed reactions, especially Matthew... about Nick Jonas... and his brothers. Deepwater Horizon rounds out the lineup tonight and it has it all; desperate times, desperate measures and the crying wife over phone/skype becoming emotional about her man who is in grave danger. Stick around for The Roundtable and The Burden List.