Join Nathan, Daniel, Ivan and The Intern for Trailer Park Podcast Episode 64! A refreshing return to normal after The Intern hosted TPP to a forced water landing in episode 63. Speaking of forced water landings, our headliner for TPP 64 is Sully and we discuss whether Eastwood should retire if he can’t make a good movie with Tom Hanks. We discuss all things LGBTQIA+ after checking out Closet Monster. The fulcrum has an added bonus as we surprise Daniel with two trailers and two titles for the same movie! The Woods is Blair Witch or Blair Witch is in The Woods? We check out a movie called Kicks and Daniel doesn’t agree with people killing each other over a pair of shoes regardless of how dope or on fleek they are.  Snowden arrives at TPP and we simply can’t ignore the traitor subject matter and the obvious comparison to a certain apprentice on our podcast. Stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.