Trailer Park Podcast #63

Join Andrew, Daniel, Ivan and Krill the Intern for Trailer Park Podcast 63! Our headliner is Suicide Squad and much like the puppet master of the Squad, we too have plausible built in deniability. Mel Gibson is back in Blood Father and we are starting a petition to reinstate his movie star status because people make mistakes and only Mel knows Mel. Morgan is the fulcrum of TPP 63 and it looks like there is a chance that Paul Giamatti could die violently in this movie and if that's not worth getting excited about then you are a HUGE Splice fan and need to let that shit go. The remake of Ben-Hur has arrived much to chagrin of those who are fond of the original. The concerning news is that no one thinks this was necessary or is expecting it to succeed so it is actually a paradox that could destroy the entire universe, an underdog movie about an underdog story about an underdog.  Finally, we take a drive through the triangle of death and run some guns with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller in War Dogs. Stick around for the Burden List, the Intern Archive Update, and a special apology from Krill the Intern.