Trailer Park Podcast #62

We are Trailer Park Podcast and this is episode 62! Join Nathan, Daniel, The Intern and special guest Ivan as we check out who would win in a fight between Jason Bourne and James Bond.. or John Wick... or Liam Neeson. The new Pete's Dragon trailer gets Nathan a little choked up but don't worry, the other participants on this podcast won't make fun of him for it anything like that.  If you have listened to this podcast before then you know that there is no way a gentleman would attack another gentleman for being sensitive because having sensitivity is gentlemanly. The fulcrum mandatory horror entry for episode 62 is Don't Breathe so in tribute we all held our breath for the duration of the trailer.  Sausage Party has a great premise and will hopefully execute with tons of awesome people involved so why does it feel like someone is being a fuddy duddy? Finally, we take a look at Daniel Radcliffe as an undercover FBI agent infiltrating some Neo Nazi's in Imperium, You have to give Harry some credit, he is really trying to branch out by playing a corpse and now Potter is going all Swastika, it looks like it gets pretty intense for him in the trailer so we recommend that he bring his invisibility cloak and do a few practice petronums before heading out.  Stick around for the The Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.