Trailer Park Podcast #112

Trailer Park Podcast episode 112 has arrived and you guessed it, it's the best one yet! Captain Marvel leads the charge as our first significant MCU movie headliner of 2019. The Teeter brings us the latest entry from the director of Bone Tomahawk and it stars Mel Gibson as a bitter angry old man which is basically like Bryce Harper playing tee ball. The funniest part of that last sentence is that I'm the only one that was on the podcast that even knows who Bryce Harper is. The fulcrum is Jordan Peele's attempt at going for 2 for 2. After the tremendous success and basic bad ass quality of Get Out, he brings us ... Us. The Totter is Greta and you can basically watch the whole movie when you see the trailer so the question really becomes how much Greta you want in your life. The Five-Hole is an action movie with an impressive ensemble cast but it's been in development hell for a really long time and it's being distributed by Netflix so the red flags are there if you want to wave your white one. Hopefully everyone dies, especially Charlie Hunnam because fuck that guy am I right?. Stick around as a fly on the wall for the roundtable and don't forget that we don't really care if you do or not.