Trailer Park Podcast #107

It's an all R-Rated romp for episode 107! Our headliner, Widows, is a heist movie but it's also about husbands and wives, and dead husbands, and possibly some dead widows. The teeter brings us an award winner out of south by southwest called Prospect, it's a Sci-Fi film and it stars Pedro Pascal in a live action Treasure Planet. The fulcrum for 107 is produced by JJ Abrams and it has nothing to do with the Clover-verse, it's called Overlord and it also has nothing to do with Call of Duty or Wolfenstein so just enjoy the AC/DC and rock out to this new World War 2 super soldier zombie Halloween expansion add on! The totter brings us another adventure of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider's Web. Claire Foy looks like a bad-ass female avenger who rights the wrongs of evil white men with white makeup on her face surrounded by snow. The five hole brings us The Front Runner starring Hugh Jackman and every supporting actor and actress you have liked from various TV shows and movies in the past 5 years. It's all about political scandal and the great man that can't keep his dick in his pants.