Trailer Park Podcast #106

Join Daniel, Nathan, Amanda and The Intern for episode 106! It's the annual Halloween horror spook-tacular! We check out the sequel to the original Halloween that ignores the rest of the franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis goes full Sarah Conner in a tale of vengeance against 61 year old Michael Myers who has managed to become faster and stronger than he was 40 years ago. In the Teeter we perform a magic act with Abrakadabra. The film stock is grainy, the zoom is sudden and steady, the makeup is loud and blue and you will have no idea what is going on when you listen to it (you should probably watch this one). Netflix brings us the fulcrum of the fulcrum, an honor only a few movies share. The movie stars Dan Stevens and is written and directed by the man behind the Raid franchise, Gareth Evans. Apostle is about a religious cult and a brother trying to save his sister from a gory and gruesome fate. The remake of Suspiria slots in at the totter position and everything about it looks awesome - all 2 hours and 32 minutes of it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return in Slaughterhouse Rulez which involves a Harry Potter esque private school and a sinkhole that leads to Hell. It's a jam packed lineup of the best the horror genre has to offer in October of 2018. Stick around for the round table where we talk Sisters Brothers, Battle of El Royale, First Man and A Star is Born.