One Hundred Lunatics

A horror movie podcast for horror lovers AND horror haters.

Trailer Park Podcast

Movie trailers, Movie games, and of course, the Burden List.

Strange Company

(Coming Soon)

A role playing podcast that treats the rules like a substitute teacher.

Silver Scream Podcast

(Coming Soon)

Classic silver screen horror for classic silver screen folk. Classic.

True Detalktive

Guess which season we decided to make a True Detective fancast.

The Exorcast

Father Daniel, Father Nathan, & The Altar Boy break down the TV series, Outcast.

Advantage Deuce

A tennis podcast. Yes, a tennis podcast.

Commentary Tracks

Shhhhh! Commentaries

Sync up one of these and laugh your way through some real garbage cinema.



Sad Sack Studios is a podcast network created by cousins, Daniel and Nathan Carver, on April 8, 2016. It is a hub for entertaining audio content and aims to foster an atmosphere of "sort of caring" and "trying to stick to a schedule." I mean, c'mon, this is supposed to be fun. Some of us have jobs and obligations and as much as you want to ignore everything and record you and your friends talking about horror movies, you can't. You just can't. We can't all ask for money on the Internet. 


We started making podcasts five years ago, so through our many failures and frequent lack of dedication, we've become experts at putting out juicy, juicy morsels of aural seduction. When you listen to one of our podcasts it's like telling an in-the-moment joke with an attractive stranger, laughing organically, locking eyes and lunging into an obscene make out sesh. 


This started with podcasts about movies, but there are other themes and topics springing up all the time as we amass friendly hosts and sucker them into providing free content. For you. Take a listen around. As an avid podcast fan myself, I know what it's like getting into a new pod. You need that good group dynamic to draw you in, to make you listen to a couple more to see if you actually like it. To make you want to go deep into that backlog and hear the awful beginnings. We got you. Our shows are dope and full of dope shit. Enjoy.


Sad Sackers

Daniel Carver     @100lunatics

Host:     One Hundred Lunatics

Cohost:     Trailer Park Podcast, True Detalktive, Strange Company, The Exorcast, Shhhhh! Commentaries

Frequent Guest:     Silver Scream Podcast

Nathan Carver     @ihatehorror

Host:     Trailer Park Podcast

Cohost:     One Hundred Lunatics, True Detalktive, The Exorcast, Advantage Deuce, Shhhhh! Commentaries

Frequent Guest:     

Andrew "The Intern" Riches     @theinterntpp

Host:     (permission denied)

Cohost:     Advantage Deuce

Interns for:     Trailer Park Podcast, One Hundred Lunatics

Altar Boy for:     The Exorcast

Christian Caruso     @critchincaruso

Host:     Silver Scream Podcast


Frequent Guest:     One Hundred Lunatics

Marissa Lerma     @mjay44


Cohost:     Silver Scream Podcast

Frequent Guest:     One Hundred Lunatics

Chelsea Smith



Frequent Guest:     Trailer Park Podcast, One Hundred Lunatics

Amanda "The Law" Stobaugh



Frequent Guest:     Trailer Park Podcast, One Hundred Lunatics

Jonathan Lee     @jonfanclub


Cohost:     Strange Company

Frequent Guest:     One Hundred Lunatics

Rob Pate     @robertpateii

Host:     Strange Company


Frequent Guest:


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