Trailer Park Podcast #106

Join Daniel, Nathan, Amanda and The Intern for episode 106! It's the annual Halloween horror spook-tacular! We check out the sequel to the original Halloween that ignores the rest of the franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis goes full Sarah Conner in a tale of vengeance against 61 year old Michael Myers who has managed to become faster and stronger than he was 40 years ago. In the Teeter we perform a magic act with Abrakadabra. The film stock is grainy, the zoom is sudden and steady, the makeup is loud and blue and you will have no idea what is going on when you listen to it (you should probably watch this one). Netflix brings us the fulcrum of the fulcrum, an honor only a few movies share. The movie stars Dan Stevens and is written and directed by the man behind the Raid franchise, Gareth Evans. Apostle is about a religious cult and a brother trying to save his sister from a gory and gruesome fate. The remake of Suspiria slots in at the totter position and everything about it looks awesome - all 2 hours and 32 minutes of it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return in Slaughterhouse Rulez which involves a Harry Potter esque private school and a sinkhole that leads to Hell. It's a jam packed lineup of the best the horror genre has to offer in October of 2018. Stick around for the round table where we talk Sisters Brothers, Battle of El Royale, First Man and A Star is Born.

Trailer Park Podcast #105

Join the gang as we launch into orbit for TPP 105! That's right, out headliner for 105 is First Man starring a Canadian playing a legendary American. It seems to be a trend in Hollywood that the leading men need that push from the North to make shit happen. Speaking of making shit happen, Jake Gyllenhaal returns in consecutive episodes with Wildlife - a sure fire Oscar contender. We take a bite out of the fulcrum with Slice from A24 and Chance the Rapper and boy does it look "cheesy". A24 also brings us Gaspar Noe's latest offering to the film festival elite, a musical horror about a group of people getting violent and crazy on LSD. Finally in the five hole we have Bad Times at the El Royale which features an ensemble trapped in a storm at a hotel built at a crossroads.

Trailer Park Podcast #104

Episode 104 has arrived and it could be the greatest lineup we've ever had on TPP. Too bad Venom is the headliner spoiling Jake Gyllenhaal's highly anticipated return in The Sisters Brothers. The fulcrum is Hellfest and it has a tough act to follow with the teeter bringing Jake back to the podcast. Hellfest also suffers abuse from the Rooster Teeth fanatics who assume that Blood Fest was an original idea that was somehow stolen by the Hellfest crew. The totter brings us the fourth remake of A Star is Born starring Lady Gaga and things really build emotionally at 1:47 in the trailer and if you're not careful it can manipulate you into being excited about this 2 hour and 15 minute epic directed by Bradley Cooper. The five hole brings us an amped up take on the Salem witch trials called Assassination Nation. Basically they inject it with a social media narrative and sprinkle it with The Purge. Stick around for the Roundtable for some fantastic banter and camaraderie.  

Trailer Park Podcast #103

Join the gang as we look forward to September because August is a dumpster fire of half measures and worry. The Predator is our headliner for episode 103 and please be advised that we're talking about the movie and not the Intern. White Boy Rick is in the teeter and might be a contender for an academy award but it's also a biopic about a 15 year old white kid who rats on people that makes you want to roller skate. The fulcrum is a home invasion flick called He's Out There and it looks like he might get in there as they try to get out of there. A Simple Favor is in the totter and the trailer is full of complicated mystery and perplexing drama. The Happytime Murders is the only August release to make the lineup and it sneaks into the five hole with muppets breaking bad all over the place. 

Trailer Park Podcast #102

The gang is feeling fresh as we enter into the second episode of our second season on Trailer Park Podcast with 102. Your mission, cool billion, should you choose to accept it - is to block out the hoity-toity cry baby Intern and engage what could be one of the most exciting action movies to hit the theatres in a long time. Mission Impossible Fallout appears to have it all - practical special effect stunts, Tom Cruise running full tilt at 56 years old and Henry Cavill who's mere presence has a strange effect on women and bears a striking resemblance to Nathan. The teeter stars John Cho as a father who is searching for his daughter by staying at home on his computer. For the fulcrum we get into the internet created phenomenon known as the Slender Man and we all agree that the potential is there to shock and amaze but as with most horror movies, we hesitate and wait for execution. In the totter we take a look at one of the new Netflix movies coming out called Extinction starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan. There is a lot to like about the trailer for this alien invasion movie but there is also a lack of faith in Netflix and their ability to properly develop these large budget effect movies into something that will have a lasting impact. Will the infant child that has been playing in a sandbox of money eventually fall under some form of adult supervision? And finally, in the five-hole we take a look at the Jason Statham Megalodon movie - The Meg. Once thought to be a serious candidate to bomb at the box office in epic fashion, the trailer for this humongous shark movie makes it look like a lot of fun. We also try to rename the Intern in episode 102 and don't forget to stick around for the Roundtable.    

Trailer Park Podcast #101

Join Nathan, Daniel, Amanda and the Intern as we turn the page into triple digits. Yes, the search for the greatest movie trailer continues with episode 101. Will this lineup hold the answer? Will we finally find what we have been searching for? Dwayne Johnson leads the way with our headliner Skyscraper and it looks like his character in this movie also has a giant chest tattoo. Eight Grade is in the teeter and it is from A24 so get ready for some moping and whining from the twice bitten. The fulcrum for 101 has been a long time coming and it looks absolutely nuts as Nicolas Cage battles crazy evil in a genre bending gore fest. The totter brings us another festival darling in Sorry to Bother You and could be a fun movie about racism? is that a thing? Finally, in the five hole is Ant-Man and the Wasp and it may take all of us to talk the Intern into an excited and show him that there is joy on the other side of all of his anger and sadness. Stick around for the roundtable as we give you the verdict on Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2.

Trailer Park Podcast #100

Join Nathan, Daniel, Amanda, Chelsea and The Intern for the centennial episode of Trailer Park Podcast. We drink in heavy amounts of nostalgia and play clips from a time when we all seemed to be happier people. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom headlines episode 100 which is a fitting tribute when considering the veiled threats regarding TPP's demise. Don't worry folks, they are spending over 180 million dollars on marketing and merchandising for this Jurassic branded movie and the dinosaurs aren't going anywhere. The teeter position is filled with a powerful film containing moving performances called Leave No Trace starring Ben Foster. The music in the trailer combined with the young actress, Thomasin McKenzie, crying to her father about there being something wrong with him should devastate you emotionally if you have a heart. It may also make you question where the mom is. The fulcrum for 100 comes to us from Lars Von Trier, who is known for making some pretty fucked up films, making a movie that follows a serial killer around for 12 years. The totter brings us the latest from A24 who is now on notice and must prove itself again which it might do with Under the Silver Lake starring Andrew Garfield. It's about a character who appears to be unemployed getting stoned and paranoid searching for a girl in the vast and complicated world of conspiracy theory. Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado plops into the five hole. It's written by the same person as the first movie, has Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro returning but yet there appears to be some pissy pants hesitation going on even though the action and music are satisfying and credible. Stick around for the round table as we celebrate 100 episodes of TPP. 

Trailer Park Podcast: The New Beginning

Join the gang for a new beginning. Please take note that this is not episode 99, although you may hear reference to it that way it is not affiliated with a numerical assignment of any kind. We check out Incredibles 2, American Animals, Hereditary, Tag and Ocean's 8.

Trailer Park Podcast #97 Part II: Slowing Down the Shut Down

Join Nathan as he continues to suffer veiled threats from ungrateful participants to end the podcast in Trailer Park Podcast Episode 97 Part II: Slowing Down the Shutdown. The headliner reflects how Nathan is starting to feel as the Star Wars anthology series brings us Solo. It's important to note that the production of Solo also dealt with creative differences resulting in abandonment and quitters. Schumer is back with I Feel Pretty in the teeter position and we ask if anyone wants to watch fat jokes that carry a message about self esteem for 1 hour and 50 minutes. Ghost Stories haunts the fulcrum for 97 part II and is about a professional debunker getting bunked with dodgy brakes on a fairground ride. Super Troopers 2 arrives 17 years after the original, crowd funding its budget in just 24 hours and it looks like they're coming to Canada to turn us into Americans. Deadpool 2 comes in behind us in the five hole which is fitting because that's where the first Deadpool was slotted. Some may argue that this movie deserved to be a headliner and to that I say please submit your feedback and any complaints you have to our customer service department on Twitter @TheInternTPP.

Trailer Park Podcast #97

Podcasters assemble! Join us for Trailer Park Podcast #97 as we personify the infinity stones of performance energy and jerk off with the gauntlet of wit and charm. Wes Anderson is back and finds himself in the teeter position with some stop motion dogs made from alpaca wool. The fulcrum of 97 is A Quiet Place and looks to be the strong silent type. Take the Lean on Pete challenge where you win by not crying during the trailer. You Were Never Really Here holds down the five hole and the proud and pretentious gave this film a 7 minute standing ovation at Cannes. Trailer Park Podcast asks that you stand and clap for a proportionate amount of time after viewing the trailer in tribute. Stick around for the Roundtable and whatever The Intern decides to say.  

Trailer Park Podcast #96

Join us for Trailer Park Podcast 96! Are you ready for an epic virtual ride through the pop culture of your childhood in Ready Player One? We are and it's hard not to be excited about it, unless you're too young to recognize any of the references in which case that might be depressing, especially if you're a parent staring into your child's eyes slowly coming to the realization that they don't understand and would rather play on their ipad. Gringo is in the teeter position and has a bunch of awesome actors in it including David Oyelowo and F.L.A.T list member Charlize Theron. The fulcrum is Steven Soderbergh's first foray into horror. Unsane stars Claire Foy from The Crown as a girl who checks herself into a hospital after dealing with a stalker (who looks like The Intern) and ends up becoming committed. The trailer is a wild psychological ride and if the movie goes the distance, it could be a nice entry into the genre. Thoroughbreds is in the totter and has been doing the film festival circuit for some time and we look forward to it with great anticipation. The final film of Anton Yelchin has a bit too much quote persuasion for a trailer that sells you without it. Finally, in the five hole, Tomb Raider returns with a reboot starring Alicia Vikander. One might think that we would toss this video game movie aside and care very little about it. One might think that if they were obtuse and incapable of having fun in their lives. Stick around for the Roundtable and the Intern Corner.  

Trailer Park Podcast #95

Join Daniel, Nathan, Amanda and The Intern for Trailer Park Podcast 95! We journey into the shimmer for our headliner Annihilation starring Natalie Portman and directed by Alex Garland. In the teeter position comes the 2nd feature from the directing collective behind Turbo Kid called Summer of '84. The fulcrum of 95 is a sequel that has been a long time coming in The Strangers: Prey at Night. In the totter Duncan Jones brings us the spiritual sequel to 2009's Moon with Mute. Finally, in the five hole Jennifer Lawrence is a Russian sleeper agent spy in Red Sparrow from the director of the Hunger Games films. It's a loaded lineup and Chelsea joins us for The Roundtable and The Intern's Corner.

Trailer Park Podcast #94

Join Daniel, Nathan and The Intern for Trailer Park Podcast 94! We get into it for 94 with some heated discussion over social justice warriors and their plight. Headlining the 94th edition is chapter six of phase three in the marvel cinematic universe otherwise known as Black Panther. In the teeter position, the real heroes from a terrorist apprehension board a fake train to apprehend him again in The 15:17 to Paris. The fulcrum brings us what we've all been waiting for: Nicolas Cage acting like a lunatic while trying to murder his own children. In the totter is Game Night starring Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman in what looks like a funny but probably not as funny as it looks average to above average disappointing but still ok viewing. Finally, shoving itself into the five hole we have the third and last installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy, we discuss the shades of grey in all of us and the human eye's limitations to see the darkness being celebrated in these strange large budget soap operas whose popularity is simultaneously both odd and understandable. Stick around for the Roundtable as we say goodbye to the Burden list and celebrate Nathan and Daniel's coronation as true gentleman and the Intern Archive Update transforms into the Interns Corner which should probably just be called the criterion sycophant corner but whatever.

Trailer Park Podcast #93

Join Nathan, Daniel, Amanda, Chelsea and The Intern for Trailer Park Podcast 93! All aboard the Liam Neeson action film swan song as The Commuter pulls into the station as the first headliner of 2018. In the teeter position we mount the new war film from mighty Bruckheimer titled 12 Strong starring Hemsworth, Shannon and Pena (and their crying wives). The fulcrum of 93 is a remake of the French film "Inside" and brings together two of The Intern's favorite things... pregnant women and home invasion. In the totter position we have a short film so successful that they made a feature version of it, it's called The Strange Ones and looks like it might be a diamond in the rough despite what the misguided roundtable thinks. Finally, in the five hole, we have a film that is trapped in the Weinstein ownership vacuum. A historical pissing contest called The Current War remains static like a flow of electrons waiting for its direction to be reversed. It's a battle royale pitting Edison against Westinghouse and Tesla, Cumberbatch versus Shannon and Hoult (and potentially more crying wives). Stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update. 

Trailer Park Podcast #92

We're back for Trailer Park Podcast 92! Join Daniel, Nathan, Chelsea, Amanda and the Intern for our annual Christmas episode where we deliberate and declare the Ultimate Trailer Park Podcast lineup for 2017. Our Headliner comes to us from a galaxy far, far away as Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives to devastate the December box office. Downsizing is in the 2 hole and stars Matt Damon as a guy who gets small in Alexander Payne's latest offering. The fulcrum of 92 is the ultimate "slay" ride, Once Upon a Time at Christmas. In the 4 spot is Bright starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in a fantasy cop buddy drama comedy thing from Netflix. The five hole brings us the swan song of Daniel Day Lewis as he teams up once again with writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson in Phantom Thread before riding off into the sunset to retire with his satchel full of Oscars. Stick around for the Roundtable and the Intern Archive Update. 

Trailer Park Podcast #91

Join Daniel, Nathan, Chelsea, The Intern and Amanda for the first 20 minutes of Trailer Park Podcast 91! We discuss making choices that could change your life forever as the much anticipated Del Toro film, The Shape of Water headlines episode 91. Molly's Game is on deck and Jessica Chastain appears to be playing a fast talking, no nonsense, self righteous woman in a man's world. The theme of episode 91 is cleaning up our act and making amends and all the money in the world can't put a horror movie back in episode 90 so naturally a double fulcrum is called for. Radius and Attack of the Killer Donuts tag team us in the 3 hole. Radius is the story of a man with amnesia who cannot have anyone come within 50 feet of him or they will die. Attack of the Killer Donuts is about Killer Donuts. I, Tonya is our fifth trailer in the 4 slot and is based on the true story of the figure skating scandal involving Tonya Harding. There is a lot riding on this one as both Chelsea and Daniel have decreed that if the movie doesn't deliver they will never say they are excited about a biopic ever again. The finale for episode 91 stars Dwayne, hard as a rock Johnson in the Jumanji reboot and this time we are talking video instead of board game and body transference. Stick around for the Burden List and the Intern Archive Update.